The Catacombs in Indianapolis

Say you’re at City Market in Indy.

There’s a hidden, private entrance, you stumble upon it.

You head down a set of stairs; the concrete floors are replaced by dirt.

Over 140 columns create an underground maze.


The space is actually the basement of what was Tomlinson Hall, a four-story, multi-use building constructed in the 1880s. It was a heavy building made of brick and Indiana Limestone.

Ther are curved (“barrel vault”) ceilings that helped distribute the building’s weight to the columns.

The catacombs are essentially a basement.

They were opened to the homeless who were seeking shelter during a particularly cold winter in the early 1900s, and were used as a staging area for people to get food and clothing after a devastating flood in 1913.

Tomlinson Hall burned down in 1958.

And yes, you can tour it.

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