The Amazon Book Description for TSIL436

Pre-order the Kindle book here: The Secret in Locker 436

TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

Here’s the book description on Amazon for the imminent Kindle edition–

“Vengeance,” Ali thinks, as she flat-out sprints across the scalded desert to the hospital room she shares with Ruthie.  “It’s the sweetest word in the world.”

Imagine in high school, you peer into your open locker and see … descending stone steps.

Four Teens.  Secret Basement.  Time Travel.

The Secret in Locker 436 is a coming-of-age story about stepping — or falling — into a vast underground that straddles time and space.

Meet Ali and Ruthie circa 1997, from Chicago and Maryland respectively, and Cho, from 1917-era San Francisco.

Plus Bogart, who lives on an Army Base in 1944.  It’s a Nazi Prisoner of War camp in Arizona.

It’s to the prison camp that the young adults go in this epic fantasy, where trouble abounds and love blooms.

Come along with high school junior Ali, an ass-kicker nonpareil, and high school sophomore Ruthie, who’s out to help everyone … except herself.

Cho will be there — he’s a Chinese immigrant of fourteen who isn’t in school; he cares for the dead.

And Bogart, age sixteen, awaits you with his enigmatic ways.

There’s the family you’re given at birth. And the one formed with unexpected friends.

Find adventure with this quartet inside a fiery forge — where you can be shaped into something astounding.

Or burn up in the process.

WARNING:  Vows are fulfilled & broken in this story.  Hearts, too.

And here’s what I imagine the scene might look like for the sprint–



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