What Does The Verde Look Like?

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

In the story, the Verde is a secret basement into which teens step in … or fall in.

It’s not your average dank cellar in your house, where the humidifier must run 24/7.

From the book:

Ali’s ruminating. “We need to name this place—this, ah, swale.” The sixteen-year-old could be like a human dictionary.

Bogart is tracking. “Well, it stretches a far way. Has different elevations. Mountains and hills. Streams and ponds.” He pauses. “It’s very green.”

“The Verde,” Ali says confidently. “It’s French for green.”

She makes it sound thus:  Vare-day.

Is there a foreign language Ali does not know?

“The Verde,” Bogart repeats.

Cho is impenetrable.

Ruthie ponders this. “I don’t care. Sure. The question is why is it here and why are we here. And what do we do?”

Ali, Bogart, and Cho nod at what are, of course, three questions.

Perhaps it looks like this–



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