Largest Subway Systems

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You can’t be more underground than a subway, and these are the ten largest in the world.

NOTE:  NYC subway riders in the 1970s were beautifully documented by photographer Helen Levitt.


Photo: Helen Levitt

The top two in the world–

The New York City Subway is #1 by virtue of having the most stations, with 472. Out of 472, 470 stations offer service 24 hours a day. The total length of the NYC subway is 232 miles.

The first demonstration of an underground transit system in NYC was by an American inventor Alfred Ely Beach in 1869. The construction began in 1900 and the subway was opened to the public in 1904.

The Paris Metro rapid transit is located in the metropolitan area of Paris, France. The total length of this subway is 133 miles.

It is the symbol of Paris due to its uniform architecture and unique entrances which are influenced by Art Nouveau. There are a total of 302 stations, and is one of the densest metro systems in the world as it covers 245 stations within 86.9km

The first line opened on 19 July 1900.

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