Book: The Great Desert Escape

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

From the superb, Arizona-based author Keith Warren Lloyd:  “The Great Desert Escape tells the fascinating story of how twenty-five determined German sailors tunneled out of the Papago Park POW camp in Phoenix, Arizona and attempted to flee to Mexico across the unforgiving Sonoran desert.”

It’s an intriguing read, a page-turner, and The Secret in Locker 436 finds its way to Camp Papago Park, too.

Reviews for The Great Desert Escape

“With all of the emphasis on Allied POW escapes over the years, it is interesting to learn about the same from the German perspective.” ~ NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS

“The Great Desert Escape is an extremely well-written account… an enlightening, enjoyable, and extremely quick read that brings to life the little-known history of Axis POWs held in American camps during World War II. If your measure of an interesting book (that also holds your attention) is that it makes you read more information on the various topics discussed within, then The Great Desert Escape is for you.” MILITARY REVIEW – THE PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL OF THE U.S. ARMY

‘Wildly entertaining true story…Well researched, I was captivated reading about the ingenuity and ineptitude throughout the escape.” ~EDWIN HOWARD, BOOK REVIEWER

Good three-minute piece from Phoenix local news–

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