Mountain Hideout

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

From The Guardian, here’s a riveting tale of the mountain hideouts of Mafia bosses in Italy’s Aspromonte mountains: Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy’s mafia bosses (November 22, 2019)–

Fazzalari spent 20 years as a fugitive in the Calabrian mountains, where the wanted men of the ’Ndrangheta have for decades planned and built elaborate mirror cities underneath their villages. It is a literal underworld of bunkers located behind sliding staircases, hidden trapdoors and manholes linked by endless tunnels that merge and separate, leading to escape routes among the sewer system or amid the brambles of a dry river bed.


According to investigators, the secret of its success lies in its deep embeddedness in Calabria. Bosses rarely abandon their remote villages, despite global operations worth millions. To protect themselves they build escape tunnels under their houses, sophisticated bunkers in mountains that are reachable only on foot and hideouts in the woods for when they are on the run.

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