The Aeronauts

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

The Aeronauts:  Good movie, worth seeing — while The Secret in Locker 436 goes down below the earth, this movie goes up, up and away.

Per Peter Travers of Rolling Stone-

If you can swallow the gender fudging, the movie comes through admirably as a rousing adventure. Redmayne and Jones have enormous charm and fully commit to the demands of their roles. When James and Amelia suffer the effects of hypoxia from the thinness of oxygen in the air, you sweat it out with them. Credit the filmmakers for not drumming up a bogus romance between the two, though they do exchange a few longing looks between the sharing of backstories. Flashbacks show Glaisher beating his head against the wall of scientific indifference to his theories and the worsening case of dementia afflicting his father (Tom Courtenay). And Wren, a composite of several female balloonists of the period, is a widow who still mourns the death of her husband (Vincent Perez) and must fight to be taken seriously in a man’s game.

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