Beneath the Kremlin

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

Illuminating article here from the superb Russia Beyond website on what might lie beneath the Kremlin:

“The Moscow Kremlin is the largest surviving fortress in Europe, and is associated with a number of secrets. Countless generations of researchers have tried to solve them. Is Ivan the Terrible’s library hidden under the Kremlin? Are there underground passages leading from under the Kremlin to other parts of the city? These questions and many more still do not have definitive answers.”


And the LA Times was on to this notion of subterranean chambers way back in 1989-

“It was a summer evening in 1933 when the two young men found what they were searching for: the entrance to a centuries-old underground tunnel within sight of the red Kremlin walls.

As they crept underground toward Moscow’s seat of power, lighting their way with a lantern, the men believed they might find Ivan the Terrible’s legendary library of gold-covered books.

Instead, they found five skeletons, a passageway sometimes so narrow that they had to file through singly and, within a few hundred yards of the Kremlin, a rusted steel door they could not open.

It is a story that pushes listeners to the edge of their seats, one that retired engineer Apollos Ivanov waited more than 55 years to tell even his closest friends.”

More here about the City Beneath the City in Russia’s most legendary complex.


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