The Story

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Ali thinks, as she flat-out sprints across the scalded desert to the hospital room she shares with Ruthie.
“It’s the sweetest word in the world.”

Four Teens.  Vast Underground.
Step In or Fall In.


Maryland high school sophomore Ruthie opens her locker door and sees stone stairsShe descends into a secret basement, but not like any basement you’ve ever seen.  It’s vast and green, with mountains, rivers & meadows.  There she meets another girl and two boys who stepped … or fell in.

They traverse time and emerge in the middle of WW2, in Arizona.  It’s a Prisoner of War camp, for captured Nazi soldiers.

Trouble abounds and love blooms, as the four high schoolers try to pull off a minor miracle in the Arizona desert. And then a major miracle back in the mysterious basement, where they find themselves in the middle of a war over the hidden netherworld.

There’s the family you’re given at birth. And the one formed with unexpected friends. Join these teens on their epic adventure, but know that justice is elusive, and there’s inevitably a price to pay.


The Secret of Locker 436 New Version Modified

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