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Author Pete Pace here.  Of course, I’d love you to read & review The Secret in Locker 436 on Amazon and/or Goodreads (both is even better!).

The Secret in Locker 436 (1)

The Key Characters in the Book

Ruthie:  Age 15, high school sophomore.  From Rockville, Maryland. Lives with her Aunt Irene because her parents disappeared when she was two years old.

Ali:  Age 16, high school junior.  From Chicago.  Finds being good at everything a burden.

Cho:  Age 14.  Not in school.  From Chinatown in San Francisco.  Prefers dead people.

Bogart:  Age 16.  Not in school.  Lives in Adamsville, Arizona.  Works at Camp Florence, a POW camp ten miles from his home.  Minnie’s younger brother.  He’s a handyman.

Six quotes from the book

Ruthie:  “I’m on cloud eight!”  [Chapter 148:  None Shall Sleep]
Ali: “Looking like I do.  It’s no picnic.”  [Chapter 23:  Halfsies]
Cho: “It is neveroclock here. So I will be so young, still your son. And I will know more. I will see you soon if I am lucky enough. And ever I hold you in my heart.” [Chapter 126:  Ever]
Bogart: “Well, if everybody wins, who loses? The best stories aren’t about victory. I like the ones about struggle.”  [Chapter 151:  Mixer]
Minnie: “Have you had a broken heart? Broken hearts? Ever miss a paycheck—you or your whole family?  Ever have to carry your dad on your back? Your brother? Ever go away to school, first trip on a train, sleep on the floor of a kids’ room for two years, cut on the dead and push drugs on the living?”  [Chapter 138:  Titans]
Otto: “Es ist immer noch dampf im wasserkocher.”  (“There’s still steam in the kettle.”)   [Chapter 125:  Kettle]

Question:  Can People Actually Fit in a Locker?  Answer:  Yes.

girl in locker

hs kid locker


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